Home Pledge


Having built custom homes since 1995, we’d like to think our clients choose us due to our Cornerstone Pledge.

We will build your home just as you want it.

We do not have a pre-designed set of plans for custom homes for you to choose from. We will build your custom home to your exact specifications. You are welcome to bring us a plan you already have in mind, but we are always more than happy to help you design it, too. We understand that you are only human and may change your mind once you see something, and we don’t mind changing it at all.

We will be honest with every detail. 

David’s grandfather used to be a bank president at Paint Rock. He also told him that someone’s character is the best collateral, and David still believes that today. We will always tell you the truth. If we give you allowances on plumbing or light fixtures, you will always pay our builder prices for them. In the rare event of a mistake on our part (we’re human too after all!), we will immediately make you aware and correct it. We will always tell you exactly why your home costs as much as it does.
We will never surprise you with additional costs at closing.

If your home ends up costing more than we told you it would, no matter what the reason, we will make sure we are upfront and honest with an explanation. If you change your mind about something and it ends up costing more, we’ll let you know it will cost more before you make the decision. We aren’t in the business of surprises, so don’t ever expect any costs or work you aren’t aware of.

We will tell you exactly what our profit will be before the building begins. 

We believe in honesty at all stages of the building process. If you’d like to know how we determine material prices, as well as our expected profit, please just ask!

We will stand behind our warranty. 

At closing, you will receive a one-year warranty on all our workmanship, a two-year warranty on appliances and fixtures, and a 10-year warranty on the foundation.

We will do everything possible to make a lasting memory when building your custom home.

We want you to always think fondly of your dream home, and us! In fact, we want you to miss us when it’s done!

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