MARK AND NANCY ROBASON: David's approach to involving the owner and keeping him informed is excellent. You always have a complete understanding of where you are in terms of financial and construction details. David's choice of subcontractors allows him to produce a very high quality finish house, and the subcontractors continuing attention post-completion is exemplary. Cornerstone Builders, aka David Currie, and his team, have been honest, forthright, and quick to react to our needs. Thanks so much for the wonderful experience!

COLE AND BELLE SEALY: We have been living in a travel trailer for a year with two kids when we met David Currie. Being new to the area and not knowing many people, word of mouth led us to Cornerstone Builders. Since we had built a new home before, we were not really very excited about the process. Our first experience was with one of the corporation builders in the hill country of Texas. The choices we could make were limited and the speed of construction less than timely. The frustration level with the process had been very high. Those types of builders lead to divorces during homebuilding. 
Not with David!
From the first time we met him until today, a month after moving into our new home, nothing about him has changed. The process with David has been a pleasure. His up front ethic is a breath of fresh air. He spells everything out to you each week of construction – letting you know where you are financially and what progress has been each week.
We also can’t say enough good things about his subcontractors. They were great and worked in a very timely manner providing us with the workmanship that I had hoped for, with many of them going above and beyond my expectations.
The best part for us is now we are in the house under budget and three weeks early. My grandfather, who built custom homes for more than thirty years, cannot believe the value that Cornerstone Builders has provided us. Everyone is so impressed with the workmanship and attention to detail that has gone into our house. 
The bottom line is that if you want a true custom home of great quality and a builder that handles things the “old fashioned way,” then you need to choose David and Loretta Currie of Cornerstone Builders. God not only blessed this family with a great value in this house but a great builder that has turned into a great friend.

GARY AND LORRIE WALKER: Our experience with Cornerstone Builders is one in which we will always have fond memories. David Currie and all of his subcontractors are the ultimate professionals.

David is as personable, honest, dependable, and a God fearing Christian man as anyone could ever want to do business with. If he tells someone that something will be a certain way, then it will be that way.

In the rare occurrence of a mistake, he will take immediate corrective action to make it the way he promised. We never ceased to be amazed by David's commitment to detail and quality of workmanship.

We were put in an unenviable position of having a home and metal barn built for us while we lived 200 miles away, and not being able to check on the progress except on weekends. I would not recommend this using most building contractors, but with Cornerstone Builders, a person may be assured that the work will be done as if they were there personally supervising every day. This kind of dependability is invaluable when it comes to constructing ones most valuable possession.

Following the end of construction, David backs up his work for a full year, and one is left feeling as though they have gained lifelong friends in David and Loretta Currie.

MS. GRETCHEN HILTON: I had a wonderful experience having Cornerstone Builders build my first home. I was very nervous about the process because not only was this the first home I had ever built, it was the first I had ever owned. David was great to work with and kept informed about progress. I was amazed at how fast everything went.

As I am sure things occurs with all building projects, a few problems did exist, but David corrected them immediately and things were back on track. I would recommend Cornerstone Builders to anyone interested in building a new home. I truly love my home – it is exactly what I had in mind when the process started.

GARY AND LAURA ALLEN: It was our first time to build a home. When working with Cornerstone Builders, you are working with David Currie. He, along with the team, subcontractors included, are professional and accommodating. Since we knew nothing of the construction, we would simply ask, “Can we do this or that?” in regards to customizing our home. David would tell us the pros and cons and help us make the decisions to make it happen. He would even make suggestions based on a home David had seen in another market and say “I saw this done in and thought it might look good here.” He is a student and stays current on new homes construction.

The Cornerstone system of billing is straight forward and helped us keep on top of the costs. Most builders construct homes on a cost plus basis. Not so with Cornerstone! Combined with their generous and accurate allowances, we were able to make decisions on things with full understanding of the cost. With David’s help we stayed on budget and added many things to our home.

Working with Cornerstone means you will be working with David who seeks to know more than the financial side of home construction. He wants to know you, your family and your lifestyle. I think that combination is what makes Cornerstone a true custom home. One such example was at the very beginning when David sought a lot for construction. He said, “Let’s get a corner lot, because we can save money on the concrete work and spend it instead on the lot.” That doesn’t sound like a major deal, but we have 3 kids and David realized that we could use the larger yard and save money in another place. I would rely on his expertise on such things as, “How much would it cost us to add a third garage?” He could accurately tell us the costs and with that knowledge we could make our decisions.

Between Cornerstone Builders, ranching, and the Texas Baptists Committed, David is a busy man but he always had time for us. Whether it was at his office or at the site, he was always available. If David was out of town, Gary Heumier was there and we never missed a beat.

Our experience with Cornerstone Builders was one of the most enjoyable experiences of our lives!

DEL AND LAFONDA OVERTON: To anyone thinking of having a home built, we can't recommend David Currie enough.
We lived in Michigan and were relocating to San Angelo. My mother and aunt looked at one of his spec homes and told us about him. While that particular spec home didn't suit us, we were sold on the builder. He is such a man of integrity, and it shows in how he builds a home. David has surrounded himself with great subcontractors. They made every effort to make things the way we wanted them.

It was so great working with all of them and they did an awesome job. They are a top notch team. We enjoyed the whole building experience with David, and was sorry to see it come to an end except that we have a home that we love.

David said from the beginning that he wasn't a greedy person, and he was very up front about all the charges. With the quality of the work and all of the time he poured into it, we definitely believe we got the best deal around. David doesn't put things off. We showed him the particular brick we wanted and while we were still riding around, David had the brick contractor on the phone making sure he could still get that brick.

We flew down for a visit and because our time was limited, in one day, he took us shopping to pick out cabinets, appliances; counter tops, flooring, and then David gave us a shopping list to pick out all the light fixtures and lock out package. One of his trademarks is to build extra large garages, and you realize how great that is when you have all your cars parked in it.

Towards the end, we were down here by then, and one evening I noticed that the wrong tile was in one of the bathrooms. I called David the next morning - he apologized and said that he had failed to clarify it with the installer and he would take care of it. When I went by later that afternoon, it had been changed. He is a stand up guy.

David is a very busy man, but he made it seem like David always had time for us. We didn't know him prior to this but we consider David a friend, and if we ever decide to have another house built, he will be the one to do it.

PATRICIA TURNER: In a moment of duress, I purchased an older home and at the time felt comfortable about the purchase. After all, I knew the owner and he stood on the driveway and said, "Pat, everything in this house has been taken care of. It is in good shape and you and your daughter will be fine here." Subsequently, I discovered the house's flaws and had to have the entire house re-plumbed including the main line out from the house to the city's connection. I discovered that I don't really enjoy living in a construction zone.

I decided to cut my losses and buy a new patio home, but couldn't find one that I liked. When I decided to build, I knew I would turn to David. I have known David for years from church and he had extended his friendship and wisdom during some difficult times. In an effort to not look under prepared before meeting with him, I talked with several other builders of patio homes and gathered a great deal of information. None of these builders inspired in me the trust and comfort level that I had with David.

He builds a sound home; well constructed, finely crafted. The experience was positive and David frequently presented spread sheets that showed the actual cost of each item, the anticipated cost of the item, and how much money I was over or under budget- allowing me to fine tweak the level of doors, hardware, or appliances and still meet the overall cost of the home that I had targeted.

After the closing of the house, David still extends his support. Because I am such a gourmet cook, I didn't know the new convection oven was defective until Thanksgiving over a month after I had moved in. It was quickly replaced. At closing, he also gives each homeowner the name and phone number of each subcontractor so that you can easily contact the appropriate resource if you need help.

I am very proud of my home and recommend Cornerstone Builders to each of you!

KEVIN AND ELENA KENT: My husband and I weren't looking to build a home, but we stumbled onto a house David was building. The foundation was down and the walls were going up. He met us with warm enthusiasm and we immediately connected with his vision for the house.

That "house" is now our home!

I've heard so many horror stories of building... but our experience was far from a horrific story. It was a pleasure doing business with David. When he said something would be done, he wasn't kidding. I couldn't believe how fast the process went. David was not only considerate, but patient as well.

We were first time home builders and had no clue what we were doing. He guided us through the process and let us pick every single detail of our new home.

I'd recommend David to any of my friends and family! Our house is simply beautiful and we are very proud of the level of quality David and his contractors put into this house. 

MITCH AND RIKKI MCADA: Our experience with David Currie and his team was nothing but great. We met David kind of by chance one afternoon, but I say it was a blessing! David was so easy to work with and made sure we understood all the steps in the building process and helped us stay on top of things. This was our first house and we have always heard how stressful and challenging building a house could be, but David made things go so smoothly.

From the very start, David helped us understand the steps of the building process so we could have plenty of time to decide exactly what we wanted in our house. He also kept us up to date the best he could where we stood financially, so that we could decide where in our house we would like to spend more money or cut back. David was also very patient with us on a couple of things that we were indecisive about. He helped us work right through that and make a decision and keep on going.

His crews and subcontractors were all wonderful. I would drive out to my house at least every other day to check on the progress and someone would always stop what they were doing to let me know everything that was going on. Everyone was so professional about their job and answered any questions that we had. Some members of David's team went way out of their way to help us any way they could to make this a pleasurable experience. His team got to know us and our family and what we wanted out of our new home. We recommend David and his team to anyone looking to build. He is a man of great character and professionalism and now a great friend.

MS. BRANDI VINCENT: I have always heard that building a home could be a night mare. I can honestly say that my experience with building was definitely not a nightmare but it was actually fun. David Currie is one of the nicest people I know. During the whole building process he always answered my phone calls personally and always sounded excited to talk to me.
David was very honest about the cost of the project from beginning to end. Cornerstone Builders has the best contractors in San Angelo. Not only were the contractors courteous and kind but they did excellent work. David takes great pride in his constructions and it shows. I highly recommend David and Cornerstone Builders to anyone interested in building their Dream Home. David Currie is not only my builder but he is also a friend.
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